There are dozens of different ways you can save money on your car insurance. Unfortunately, many of these money saving opportunities will either require you to spend countless hours shopping around for better rates or hundreds of dollars making upgrades to your vehicle. The good news is, being low on free time or extra cash does not mean that you can't start saving money on your car insurance. This is because the tips below will allow you to start saving money soon without making a large investment in the process.

Be A Loyal Customer

While insurance companies are constantly on the lookout for new customers, most companies understand that it is their loyal customers who truly allow them to be profitable. This is why many insurance companies will offer customers a discount when they choose to purchase two or more policies through their company. In many cases, this discount will be referred to as a bundle or multiple policy bundle.

The best part about taking advantage of this opportunity to save money is that you don't need to do anything but purchase the insurance coverage you already need. For instance, if you are currently carrying an auto insurance policy through one company and a renters policy through another company, all you need to do is transfer your renters policy to the same company that handles your car insurance. In just a matter of minutes you will be enjoying a sizable discount on both your policies.

Prove You Are A Safe Driver

Nearly all auto insurance companies offer safe driver discounts. The problem is, proving that you are a safe driver and therefore qualify for these discounts has been historically difficult. Thankfully, many companies are now taking advantage of technology that makes demonstrating your safe driving skills easier than ever before.

The way this technology works is by plugging directly into your on-board computer. The device will then monitor key factors such as the number of miles you drive each week and your average speed. After receiving this information, your insurance company will be able to adjust your premiums according to your actual driving habits rather than a statistical model of drivers in your basic age group and location. If you are a safe driver, this could equate to huge savings.

Reevaluate Your Insurance Needs

If you bought your vehicle when it was brand new and have never adjusted your insurance rates over the years, there is a good chance that you are carrying way more coverage than you actually need. This is because as your vehicle ages, the resale value of your vehicle will decrease. Consequently, the amount of insurance coverage that you require will decrease as well. Taking the time to reevaluate your insurance needs each year and adjust your policy accordingly can prevent you from spending money on coverage you don't need.

If it has been a while since you last evaluated your coverage levels, taking on this challenge today could allow you to start saving virtually immediately. For more information, contact a company like United Security Agency.