If your son or daughter is getting ready to go to college, you probably have a lot of things on your mind. Car insurance probably isn't one of them, but now is a good time to make changes to save yourself a little bit of money. With the rising cost of sending a child to college, you're probably looking for ways to cut costs in any way that you can.

Following these tips can help you lower your auto insurance costs during this otherwise costly time:

1. Have Your Child Get a Separate Auto Policy

While your son or daughter is living in your house, it's probably best for him or her to be on your family insurance policy. Many insurance companies require that all members of your household who are of driving age are listed on your insurance policy anyway, and you might ask your teen to drive one of your other vehicles every now and then.

Now that your child won't be living in your home, however, this probably isn't necessary. Even if you opt to continue paying for it, you might find that you can get a reduced rate by insuring your young adult on a separate policy with just his or her vehicle. You won't have to pay for coverage for your son or daughter to drive your own vehicles, especially if you have multiple cars or if your vehicles are more valuable.

2. Ask About Limited Insurance

Even if you keep your son or daughter on your current policy, you might be able to lower your rates anyway. Ask your insurance company if your rates will be reduced if your son or daughter won't be driving often; for example, your child might only drive during spring break and the summer rather than all year long.

Your insurance company might also reduce the rate if your child isn't going to be driving as frequently, such as if your son or daughter is living on campus rather than commuting back and forth to school.

3. Brag About Your Child's Grades

Many insurance companies offer discounts for college students, especially if they have good grades. Call your insurance agent to brag about your son or daughter's good grades; you might just find that you'll save money if you do. This is because insurance companies see college students who have high grades as being more responsible and less of a risk.

Sending a child to college can cost a lot of money. If you're looking for one way that you can cut back on your expenses, consider these tips for saving on auto insurance. Then, you'll have a little extra money to spend on textbooks and care packages for your son or daughter. To learn more, contact a company like Moore, Clemens & Co Inc. with any questions or concerns you have.