When your child was younger, you did everything you could to keep your little one safe. Now that your child is driving, your role as guardian is no less important. In fact, with your teen behind the wheel of a vehicle, it's more important than ever to ensure that you've put the appropriate safeguards in place. These tips will help you make preparations for your teen to take to the road and drive independently. 

Buy a Safe and Reliable Vehicle

One of the best ways that you can ensure that your child is safe behind the wheel of a car is to buy a vehicle that is safe to drive. Your teen may be begging you for a chance to drive the sporty little coup in your garage, but smaller vehicles often don't perform well in crash tests. Mid-sized sedans tend to offer the most effective combination of occupant safety and maneuverability.

Safety features like anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control will keep your teen safe, especially when driving in adverse weather conditions. Finally, pick a vehicle that with a smaller engine and lower horse power. The more powerful the engine, the more tempting it will be for your teen to abuse his or her position behind the wheel.

Newer car models tend to have more advanced safety features like blind zone detection and automatic braking, but the best way to ensure that your child is driving a safe vehicle is to read consumer reports and crash test ratings.

Enforce a Curfew and Passenger Limit

Night driving and distracted driving are leading causes of accidents among teenagers. Enforcing a curfew and passenger limit will help ensure that your child is driving in optimal conditions and in a distraction-free environment. As your teen driver becomes used to his or her new responsibilities as a driver, you can loosen your rules and allow your teen more freedom.

Purchase the Right Auto Insurance

Full coverage with a low deductible offers the greatest amount of protection for inexperienced teen drivers. If you're adding your teen to your auto insurance policy, take a moment to rethink your own level of coverage. In the past, you may have opted to save money by paying for a bare-bones auto insurance policy. With a teen driver on your insurance policy, it's time to ensure that your coverage is adequate to protect a driver who is less experienced. For more information, talk to your insurance agent from a company like ESI Insurance Agency about the best ways that you can update your insurance policy and protect your teen driver.