The next time your auto insurance at a place like Nalley Insurance Agency LLC is up for renewal, don't go through the hassle of shopping around to obtain quotes from other companies. Instead, it's often viable to stay loyal to your current insurance provider but to also make some changes to lower the amount that you pay. Some change require a little effort on your part, while others are simply a matter of changing your policy over the phone. Not sure how to get started? Here are four strategies to lower your auto insurance bill.

Beef Up Your Vehicle's Security

Having a security system installed in your vehicle is a simple way to reduce your auto insurance rate. The installation of this system reduces the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen, which will be looked upon favorably by your insurance company. Although the exact amount of your rate reduction depends on the type of security system and other factors, some estimates suggest that you might receive up to 30 percent off your insurance premium by making this change.

Build Your Skills

Even if you tell yourself that you're a great driver, some official certification can benefit you in your mission to get a lower insurance rate. Look for a certified and reputable defensive driving school in your city. Sign up for a course, graduate and provide a copy of your certification to your insurance company. A better driver behind the wheel is less likely to get into collisions, which can often prompt your insurance provider to lower your rate.

Leave Your Car At Home

If you use your vehicle to commute to work each day, you technically have an increased risk of an accident because of the amount of time you're spending on the roads during peak traffic times. Many insurance companies will reward customers who leave their vehicle at home in favor of finding another way to get to work with a lower insurance premium. Whether you take public transportation, catch a ride with a neighbor or take a healthy approach such as riding your bicycle, this simple change can save you money -- and the added savings from not having to buy gas as frequently is favorable, too.

Bundle Your Policies

Moving your rental or homeowners insurance onto the same policy as your auto insurance is a simple way to receive a favorable rate. If you live with someone who has auto insurance with a different provider, talk about bundling that person's policy together with yours for further savings. This strategy has the added benefit of turning multiple bills that you pay each month into just one.