If you are in the market for insurance, whether it be for a home, business, vehicle or life, you will most likely want to get the lowest rate available for the desired amount of coverage. If you are in the "shopping around" phase, you may wonder if going to an independent insurance agent has any benefits to you over dealing with a direct company. Here are some reasons why purchasing insurance through an independent insurance agent is more favorable.

Price Comparison Is Easy

If you go to an insurance company to find out rates, you will only find out what rates that particular company is offering. This means several calls or visits to different companies to find out who is offering the best rate. Instead of dealing with many companies on your own, an independent insurance agent will be able to do this work for you. They have the means for getting quotations from many companies through computerized programs, allowing you to do price comparisons on the spot. This saves tons of time and allows you to decide quicker which type of insurance you would like to purchase.

One Place for Everything

Dealing with an independent agent gives you the benefit of being able to purchase all types of insurance through one person. If you do not like the pricing one company is offering for one type of insurance, your independent agent will find you another company that gives a lower price. You can have different companies issuing each type of insurance you need, but will only need to deal with your agent instead of the separate companies. This minimizes the amount of time you will spend in paying your bills or making changes to policies as you will only need to make one payment or one phone call to handle all of your insurance needs.

You Have Someone to Rely On

If you have a problem with your insurance, your independent agent will work in your behalf to resolve the issues giving you trouble. If you deal with the insurance company directly, you may not have the same results as you will not know the jargon or have the insight that someone seasoned in the insurance field would have. Your independent insurance agent will represent you, making it easier to get the desired answers you seek, as they know the ins and outs of the business. 

You will not need to worry about being swayed to purchase insurance you do not need. Your insurance agent does not get paid by any of the insurance companies, making them impartial to the type of insurance you select. They will give you advice on what type of insurance would best meet your needs without making you feel you need to purchase from any particular company. The amount your insurance agent makes through commission will be the same regardless of the insurance you choose, making it easier to find the proper insurance as there is no pressure being pushed upon you when you are making a selection. For more information, talk to a professional like The Flechsig Insurance Agency Inc.