Just because you drive a much older vehicle, it doesn't mean your vehicle has to be less reliable than a brand-new one. All it takes is a little preventative maintenance, and you could have a vehicle that lasts much longer than you would expect. Reliability and safety can be much better investments than a great stereo system and new rims. With the lack of expensive car payments, having an old vehicle could end up being well worth it in the end when you subtract all the interest you would have been paying on a loan. You will also pay less for insurance on an older car (contact an establishment like Kesner Insurance Agency Inc. to look at rates). If you want to keep your old vehicle lasting longer and performing better, here are some tips to help improve it. 

Check for Leaks

One of the key signs of problems to come is leaking from under the vehicle. All it takes to check for leaks is to bend down and see if there is fluid coming out from underneath. You can expect water to leak from the air conditioning system from time to time, but there should not be any other leaks present. If you do see a leak, then you should try to identify what type of fluid it is. Transmission fluid will have a dark red look. Oil will look brown or black. If you see a green colored fluid, then you can bet it will be coolant leaking. 

Seat Belts

While your seat belt should be something that is used automatically, you may not put much effort into the condition of it. The sun is a big culprit of a deteriorating seat belt. Additionally, food and debris can get into the latch making it difficult for the seat belt to actually click. The proper use of a seat belt is crucial in the reliability and safety of the vehicle. Serious related injuries and deaths can be reduced by half just by wearing your seat belt properly. 

Headlight Covers

If your desire is to improve both the performance and look of the vehicle, then headlights covers can accomplish the job. Sunlight and age will hinder the headlights from doing their job. In an effort to keep them working and staying bright when you need them, you want to replace the head covers occasionally. You can choose a quick fix by purchasing lens polishing cream, or you can go and buy the complete assembly. By buying the entire assembly, your vehicle will look a few years newer. Not only that, you will have an easier time seeing what is in front of you when your headlights are on.