Every day it seems like a company is going through a possible breach. While this means that they may write customers to change their passwords and account information, there is more than just a mild annoyance for the business owners. Companies can lose major business information in commercial insurance. If you run a business where you will depend on a server and information that is held on computers and cloud databases, you may want to invest in a data breach policy of your own. Here are three reasons you want to get a data breach policy as a business owner. 

Data restoration can mean a shutdown

If you are unable to access certain data, especially orders from customers or your own order information from your suppliers, this can be more than a minor inconvenience. If you lose information from customers or your vendors, you may have to temporarily shut down your business or not be able to run until you are able to get your data restored. You want to protect yourself and your company's income from the possible issues that come with a data breach. 

Get the money to upgrade

If your servers have been breached, this may mean that you need to raise the security level of your servers. In the event that your business has seen a data breach, you may need to invest in a server that has better security and more privacy. If you have been using a server that is located elsewhere, this could mean investing in your own private equipment in office. A data breach policy may be able to help you with the cost of getting a new server set up. 

Reimbursement for customer losses

In many data breaches that you see, sensitive personal information is often stolen from customers. This can be composed of social security numbers, names, addresses, and payment information. In the event that customers see stolen money due to the data breach, you want to make sure your business is able to compensate any affected customers. Get a data breach policy that will help with customer compensation so that your business does not have to shut down in the event that someone hacks into your database. Having the ability to compensate any victims of a data breach quickly and effectively can also save your company's name from any negative press and make you look like a consumer-first company. Contact an insurance company like Affordable Insurance for more info.