In most states, carrying auto insurance is a requirement. It is important that you carry insurance that will at least cover the cost of the other car if you were to get in an accident. However, when you purchase auto insurance, there are a couple different options of coverage that you can get. Many people wonder what these types of coverage mean and if they are the right choice. Here are some explanations about different types of coverage.

1. Comprehensive Coverage

In most cases, comprehensive coverage is very important and should be included in the plan. This type of coverage will protect you if there is damage done to your car that wasn't part of an accident. For example, if your windshield needs to be replaced, if your car is stolen, or if your car is vandalized and you lost personal property inside the car, you would access your comprehensive coverage to get restitution for these damages. If you go without this type of coverage, you will only get insurance coverage in the case of a collision.

2. Liability Coverage

Personal injury lawsuits are very common. Even though you may carry collision coverage to help pay for the damage to the other car if you are in an accident, you may be sued in addition to the damage to the car for other damages in an car accident. For example, you may be responsible for their medical bills, loss of personal property, or even their pain and suffering from the accident. If you are sued and are found liable, you could be responsible for thousands of dollars in payments to the victim. With liability insurance, you have financial help in the case of a lawsuit so that everything from the lawsuit doesn't come out of your personal pocketbook.

3. Medical Coverage

In addition to your personal medical insurance, you can purchase medical coverage through your auto insurance. This will help to pay medical expenses from injuries caused in an automobile accident. This makes it so you can use both policies if needed so that your out-of-pocket will be very small, even if you have a lot of physical injuries that require medical treatment.

Purchasing this type of coverage is not ideal for everyone. In some cases, it can be redundant and can cost you more money. But if your medical insurance has a high deductible, or only covers catastrophic injuries, purchasing insurance through your auto carrier may be a great idea.

By understanding the different types of coverage you can decide what is best for you. Contact a company like Central Florida Insurance Agency of Town 'N' Country for more information.