One of the benefits of getting older is that the further you are from your teen years, the less expensive your auto insurance tends to become. That is, of course, until you begin to enter your golden years. Insurance rates begin rising again once you fall into retirement age, which can be frustrating if you are on a fixed income. Fortunately, there are many strategies that you can use to help combat the rise and keep your rates low. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Take a defensive driving course

Driver's education isn't just for teenagers and new drivers. There are defensive driving courses specifically aimed at adult drivers and senior citizens. These classes focus on defensive driving techniques that are helpful for aging drivers who may not have as quick of reflexes as they once did. You can find these classes by contacting driving schools in your area, talking to your insurance agent, or going through senior citizens groups like the AARP. Just make sure the class you choose is approved by your insurance company to ensure that you will qualify for a discount after completion.

Tip #2: Skip the sports car

Don't fall into the mid-life crisis trap of buying a fancy sports car or investing in an expensive vehicle. These cars cost more to ensure either because of their perceived accident risk or actual theft risk. Instead, contact your agent before you begin car shopping and ask for advice on what cars are the least expensive to insure. This will provide you with a list of the proper makes and models to look at, as well as manufacturing years if you are shopping used, that are sure to be gentle on your insurance bill.

Tip #3: Share your driving habits

One discount you can qualify for after retirement is a non-commuter discount. These are usually awarded because you are no longer driving as much nor are you on the road during the high-accident commuter hours anymore. Contact your agent as soon as you retire to let them know the change in driving habits. They may also offer you more discounts if you won't be parking in a downtown area or on the street anymore now that you have retired.

The only reliable way to discover all the discounts available to a senior driver is to contact an insurance agent in your area. Schedule an appointment today so you can begin saving as soon as possible.