It seems like a silly question for some. Surely, if you don't have a license, you won't drive a car. However, there may be other reasons you need auto insurance coverage. Here's a look at all the reasons someone without a license may need auto insurance coverage.

Your License Needs Renewing

If your license was suspended, you will not be allowed to drive. However, before you can renew the license, you may need to show proof that you have auto insurance. You'll need to get at least liability coverage to go through the process of getting your license back.

You will find the number of insurance companies offering this type of insurance is limited. Unfortunately, it is also common for this type of insurance to be a little on the pricey side.

When You Have a Car

Just because you don't have a license doesn't mean you don't have a car. While in storage, you may need to have comprehensive insurance on that vehicle, just in case it is stolen or damaged in a fire or other disaster. Depending on where it is parked, you may also need to get liability coverage in the event of damage to someone else.

You may have no intention of driving that car, but the auto insurance still needs to be in place. Not all companies will be willing to insure you without a driving license number, but shop around.

When You Want Someone Else to Drive You

If you have a disability or have surrendered your license, you may still have a car that you want someone else to drive for you. This will require some type of car insurance, and you will need to name a primary driver. You'll also need to prove, usually via medical notes, that you won't drive at all.

When the insurance company asks for a license number, you will need to give that of the primary driver. You may need to give yours if you haven't suspended it because there is the possibility that you will try to drive the car (according to the insurer).

In the majority of cases, whoever owns the car will need to have the policy. However, the primary driver's license details will be used for initially setting the premium price.

While you don't have a license, you may still need to get auto insurance coverage. Think about your personal circumstances, whether you're storing a vehicle or trying to renew a suspended license, to determine whether you will need insurance. For more information, talk to an agent at D A Insurance Brokers.