As open enrollment approaches, you may review your current coverage and wonder if anything better is available to you. You especially may be interested in subscribing to a new policy that will help cover more of your healthcare expenses. 

However, before you subscribe to a policy to back up your regular Medicare insurance, you need to know what factors to look for in supplemental coverage. By keeping a few simple tips in mind, you can choose the best policy from the Medicare Advantage plans that are available to you during open enrollment.

Prescription Coverage

When you shop among the numerous Medicare Advantage plans that are available to you each year, you may want to consider those that pay for most or all of your prescription costs. In fact, if you rely on a host of prescription medications to manage illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure, you may find it difficult to afford all of them. Even more, regular Medicare alone may not pay for much, if any, of those costs for you.

However, certain Medicare Advantage plans pay for most of the subscribers' prescription costs. When you shop for a plan to back up your regular Medicare, you may want to choose one with prescription coverage, especially if you must take a variety of medications each day to stay healthy.

Vision Coverage

You also may need to consider Medicare Advantage plans that offer dental coverage, particularly if you have partials, bridges, or dentures. Regular Medicare alone might only pay for one or two dental cleanings per year. You are left to cover treatments like extractions and X-rays out of pocket.

However, dental care during retirement can be expensive and force to you delay or forgo treatment that you need to keep your mouth healthy and free from pain. Instead of trying to pick up these costs on your own, you can take out a Medicare Advantage plan that offers supplemental dental coverage. You can use it to pay for biannual dental visits, X-rays, denture adjustments, extractions, and other services that you may need but cannot afford on your own.

Medicare Advantage plans can cover most or all of the healthcare costs that regular Medicare alone will not pay. When you shop around for one during the open enrollment, you can look for one that offers sufficient coverage for prescriptions. You can also select one that will pay for dental services, such as denture fillings, that Medicare may not cover for you.