When it comes to auto insurance, you may follow the guidelines for your state. For example, you may have a car you are leasing or financing. In most states, this means you will need to carry a certain type of insurance that may include specific amounts and services. Part of the guidelines in most states is that if you have certain driving violations, you will need to carry SR22 insurance. You may know this but have several misconceptions about it. Here are some of the misconceptions and truths regarding this type of insurance requirement. 

Replaces Current Insurance

The most common misconception about SR22 insurance is that it replaces your current car insurance. SR22 insurance does not replace insurance. It is a certification form that is presented at the same time you present your regular car insurance. It certifies that you are financially obligated for the vehicle and the upkeep of your license as well as your insurance on that vehicle. This is something you are required to carry in addition to your current car insurance, and you must maintain your current insurance while under the requirement for the SR22. 

Only Applies to One Offense

There is a misconception that having to maintain SR22 insurance certification is due to a DUI. Though the insurance can be required for a DUI, it is not the only offense that applies to the insurance. DUI, DWI, and several other driving offenses can fall under the requirement for the SR22 insurance. You will be notified if you must obtain and carry the insurance, and you will be informed after you have committed a driving offense or moving violation. You will also be given documentation of the offense and the request for the SR22 insurance. 

Only for One State

Residency and moving out of state also cause some misconceptions about the SR22 insurance. There is a belief that if you move out of state, you do not have to maintain the SR22 insurance coverage. The truth is that regardless of the state where the SR22 was issued or required, you will need to maintain it if you move to another state. You will be given the length of time you must maintain it, but you do have to continue to maintain it until the final date regardless of your state residency. 

Keep in mind that each state has different requirements for not only your general car insurance but also the SR22 insurance. If you have specific questions regarding SR22 insurance, or if you have been told you need it, contact your insurance provider. They can assist with quotes and getting you signed up.